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In Season

Pick Your Own Raspberry and Blueberry season is OPEN for 2018!

It is fun to pick and eat berries in the sun!

Visit our In Season page for more info on products like BUGOFF! from Lotus Moon or specialty annual seeds for purchase from Anjali Farm.

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Heirloom Seeds

All of our seeds have been grown, saved and packed on Anjali Farm for years.

Seed Packets
Heirloom Garlic Seeds

Click below for more information on the seeds we currently have available.

Purchase our products at our farmers market stands this season !

Visit us on occasion at these Farmers Markets:

 West River Farmers Market in Londonderry – Saturdays 9 AM-1 PM (May 27-October 7)

Greater Falls Farmers Market in Bellows Falls – Fridays 4-7 PM (June -October)

Anjali Farm Stand Open for PYO July 15 – October 15

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